Department of Transportation


The FY 2024 – 2033 electronic Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (e-STIP) is an application that provides current information about the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program for the State of New Jersey for federal fiscal years 2024 through 2033 as the program is modified and amended. The e-STIP reflects all modifications and amendments to the FY 2024– FY 2033 STIP as such changes to the program are adopted. Thus e-STIP differs from the FY 2024 - 2033 STIP that was approved on December 18, 2023 by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) that reviewed the 2024– 2033 portion of the STIP.

The benefits of the FY 2024– FY 2033 e-STIP are that it: (1) streamlines the STIP modification and amendment process; (2) allows for access in real-time to project, financial and map information; (3) improves the fiscal management of the STIP; and (4) reduces the amount of time necessary for review and approval of modifications and amendments to the STIP.

The general public may view the current version of e-STIP as modified and amended.

Managers and administrators of the FY 2024 – FY 2033 STIP may access e-STIP.

Last updated date: January 22, 2024 8:37 AM