Department of Transportation


The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) fosters the development of an efficient air transportation system that responds to the needs of its users and the public.

NJDOT, through its Bureau of Aeronautics, has general oversight of 41 public use airports and almost 400 restricted use facilities, including airstrips, heliports and balloonports. The Department promotes aviation safety. It gives information about aviation grants, relevant forms and how to obtain them online, and explains regulations to 14,000 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed aviators and the general public.

The Bureau of Aeronautics is also the lead agency for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)/Drones operations at NJDOT. The Department utilizes UAS technology where appropriate to increase safety, reduce congestion and save time.

The Department keeps pilots and the public informed of aviation news and events, about individual airports and its employees answer questions daily about licensing and registration of public use airports and heliports.

State Airport System Plan
The most recent State Airport System Plan (SASP) was completed in 2007. The SASP provides an analysis of each public-use airport and an overview of New Jersey's overall air transportation needs for the next 20 years.

The most recent Economic Impact Study was completed in 2016. The Economic Impact Study outlines the identifiable and quantifiable impacts to State and local economies of each of the public-use airports.
Scheduled Service Airports
While the majority of New Jersey's airports strictly support the operation of general aviation aircraft, New Jersey hosts three airports which offer commercial flight operations: In addition, there are eight advanced service airports which support corporate/executive and private-use general aviation activities: There are 30 other public use airports and one sea plane base that serve New Jersey's airport system.

Although the history of aviation in New Jersey follows the national story, the Bureau of Aeronautics joined NJDOT only in 1966 when the Highway Department officially became the Department of Transportation. The State Legislature had originally created the State Department of Aviation, the State Aviation Commission and the Office of the State Director of Aviation in 1931 due to the increasing popularity of the airplane in New Jersey.

Some of the state's earlier airports and the dates they opened are: In 1948 the Legislature transferred the Department of Aviation from a stand-alone department to a part of the Department of Conservation and Economic Development.

By 1950 there were 82 public use and general aviation airports in the state.

Today there are 41 public use airports in New Jersey that base about 4,700 aircraft.

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